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Special thanks to The Masters all over the world, these images are for study only

Những tranh ảnh  trích đăng sau đây chỉ với tinh thần học hỏi. Xin các bậc Thầy niệm tình bỏ qua. Trân trọng cám ơn

Shefqet Avdush Emini's Oil paintings 2008

Kristina Laurendi Havens

Trong xưỡng vẽ của Krystyna
Trong xưỡng vẽ của Krystyna

About the Artist

My Photo

I'm an Artist. I can't help it! Italian and Polish, married to a wonderful man, mom to a precocious and handsome little man and a beautiful and mischievous little girl! The Figure is my favorite subject. But I have a little bit of trouble when it comes to naming my favorite media...because I love to do it all! Pastel, charcoal, watercolor, oils, it's all wonderful!

Tranh Phấn tiên ( Pastel ) - Chì than ( Charcoal )

Của họa sĩ Kristina Laurendi Havens




About the Artist


Here you can see, some of these modern day idols in pencil drawings drawn by an artist who calls himself “krzysztof20d”. It’s very hard to find information about this artist, but still, we can enjoy viewing his work

Faith Te

About Faith

Graphite Pencil, Charcoal Pencil and Pastels Artist

Hello! My name is Faith Te. When I was 16, a great desire to capture nature and the people around me started my passion for drawing. I began to look at drawing not just as a hobby but something which I wanted to do all my life.

I practiced every day and for many hours since. I taught myself to draw by experimenting with different techniques and materials and through helpful tips and advice from other artists.

Initially, charcoal and graphite pencils were the only mediums I used. When I began working in color, I used pastels, and more recently, oils. My main subjects are portraits but I also enjoy doing many other subjects including still life, landscapes and flowers, especially orchids.

I devote many hours and lots of attention to detail into each and every one of my drawings or paintings. My ultimate goal is not only to achieve detail and realism but also to capture the life and character of my subjects.

Graphite Pencil Drawing Tutorial: Female Eye by Faith Te

Bắt đầu : ( Từ trái qua phải - Từ trên xuống dưới )

Kết thúc

realistic painting
realistic painting

Ioan Popei

Ioan POPEI  -  born 1954
Ioan POPEI - born 1954

Tranh của loan Popei


About Ioan Popei

Ioan Popei was born in Agapia, Neamt county, Romania, on July 15th, 1954. His first exhibition was in Piatra Neamt in 1985. His religious icons were very well received abroad also, in France, Holland, UK, Belgium and Australia. As every other mystery, Popei's one is simple: faith and a leaning towards the depth of the being, there where the limitless creative powers come from. Ioan Popei does not paint icons, he prays.

About Ioan's oil paintings:
"As for panel painting,the painter Ioan Popei uses the therapeutical quality of colors, irrespective of the chosen themes.The artist makes me think that probably he himself is charmed by his own paintings"
The art critic and Counsellor of the
Department of Culture and Art of Piatra Neamt,
Professor Lucian Strochi

About Ioan's religious icons:
Ioan Popei's orthodox icons on wood are but splints of the Holy Tree. Popei's christian icons are painted directly with beams of light.
Prof. Lucian Strochi, art critic

In front of Ioan Popei's orthodox icons the man does not feel overwhelmed by the idea of sacrifice, yet, rediscovers the triumph of life. He comes close to the moving verse of Eminescu "Faith paints the icons in the curches".
Valentin Ciuca, art critic

"I cannot thank God enough for allowing me to paint icons..."
The author

Tranh của loan Popei


Zhamil Bikbaev




Tranh của  Zhamil Bikbaev

About artist

Born in Russia, Zhamil Bikbaev displayed a natural inclination toward art at an early age. While in his teens, Zhamil enrolled at the College of Art (Saratov, Russia, 1980-1985), acclaimed at the time as the leading school of fine art in Russia. Zhamil formed a solid basis for his artistic technique founded on his love for the beauty of landscape. In Moscow, where he studied and obtained his Bachelor degree in architecture in 1994, he developed a deep interest in drawing and painting. His artistic technique become stronger and passion for painting were intensified. His first exhibition was in1995 in Düsseldorf, Germany. His works were displayed in Art Galleries in Moscow.

Then the artist’s career was interrupted for a number of years as life got in the way as it sometimes does; two kids later and a move to Canada, it would be ten years before he painted again. This powerful longing reappeared again after ten years.

Upon his arrival to Yellowknife in 2006, he embraced the North Canadian landscape and made it his own.

“The light and color of the North touches my heart and memories. I find inspiration in the beauty and starkness of the North. Because of the snowy landscape, I am always trying to capture the incredible moods of light and shadow on snow and the sparkle of the colors.” Reason why I paint - to understand the nature of what I see and to share my passion with people.”

Curriculum Vitae of Anne Stahl


Born Germany, 1968

Born and raised in Germany, Stahl moved to Dublin, Ireland where she lived and studied for 12 years. In 2001 she moved to the Central Coast of California. Her work is collected internationally and has been exhibited extensively

  Anne Stahl portrait